Online Customer Experience

Have you ever been in a situation where you have wanted to find out more about a particular business or brand – perhaps a food product or a service? How did you do that?


Wait… let me guess… Google?!


Searched roughly 3.6 billion times every day, Google is our first port of call when looking to find out more about something that interests us. And Google is designed precisely to help us find the information we are looking for: its company mission is in fact “To index all the world’s information and make it universally accessible.” And once it has indexed ‘all the world’s information’ the real magic is in how that information is organised and searched by Google so that it provides its users with what they are looking for…  


And what happens when a person finds what they are looking for? They click a link and are taken through to a website!


Almost every company in existence has a website, and the way in which a company is experienced online is often critical for the success of the business as a whole. It can for example affect the number of leads coming in, as well as the associations and identifications a person might have toward a particular business. For many entrepreneurs and small businesses a strong online presence can even be the driving factor of success.


So the question for you is: How do people experience your brand online?


Akros Design has developed a method to help you make the biggest impact online, ensuring the best experience possible for your visitors. This method involves asking three simple questions about your online mission:


The WWW approach… Who, Where and What.


Who are your target audience?

Where did they find you?

What do they want?


These are the three most important questions to consider when evaluating an existing website, or looking to create a new one. Thoroughly researching answers to these questions will really help you to provide a memorable and attractive experience to your customers.


Let’s now briefly explore the importance of these three questions…



Understanding your target audience:

In short, the better you know your audience, the more effectively you will be able to target them. So get to know your audience! And think about them as real people: what are they interested in? How do they think? What do they want?


Don’t be afraid to narrow down your audience: a narrower target allows you to be more specific with your aim and so more likely to strike their interest. Try to work out your ideal visitor persona.


All this will allow you to evaluate the correct tone of voice, appropriate colour palettes, marketing strategies and also to work out what kind of information might sway the buying process.



Understanding where your traffic comes from:

There are four main ways in which traffic might reach your website: Organic, Social, Direct and Referral. Understanding and working out a detailed ‘map’ of where your traffic is coming from, will enable you to create a strong marketing strategy and individually plan how you might gain increased traffic through these four different routes.


So it is important that you plan out how you want to be found, and evaluate important factors to help you with this. For example, if you want more social traffic you need to ask yourself which social media channels will best help you to gain traffic.


Or if you want to target organic search, then it is crucial to have a strong SEO strategy in place from the beginning to maximise your ranking potential for target keywords on Google.



Working out what to put in front of you audience:

In designing a website you need to work out the specific information your visitors might be looking for, and to ensure that the content is easily navigated, in order that their journey of ‘discovery’ flows as smoothly and enjoyably as possible.


In essence you should let the function of the website drive its form. Any visitor to your website needs quickly and easily to be able to understand what it is that you offer and navigate through the website to find out more about whatever interests them.


This sort of planning is essential to the design of a successful website. It is about building a strong user experience targeted precisely to what your customers are interested in.


Why WWW?


Understanding and using the WWW method will really help enhance your online presence and gain more traffic – resulting in higher conversions.


The three questions above touch upon a range of topics which every website owner and designer needs to think about carefully if they want their website to succeed online.


So how is your online presence? Do you find that your website is not converting – and are you not sure why? Please get in touch about how you can improve your online customer experience or build a new website that provides a unique and engaging experience to your visitors.


We look forward to hearing from you!



My website looks fantastic! Not only does it look wonderful, but it is also easy to navigate and very user friendly. Working with Akros Design was a great experience. Lexi understood my vision and worked to bring it to life. During the design phase, I was given a wide range of choices and different looks to achieve my website goal. Lexi was always attentive, helpful and thoughtful in our phone calls and emails. Highly recommend Akros Designs. You won't be disappointed!

Lara Boushehri, A Rising Warrior

Lexi couldn’t have been more helpful in the design and process of putting together my website. Building a website from scratch can be a slightly daunting process however Lexi was extremely helpful and was great at giving ideas and suggestions and at any point I had any questions Lexi was there to help me out and has continued to be since the completion of my website. The whole design from my logo to the colour scheme has resulted in a website better than I could have imagined and has already helped me to promote my singing career.

Emma Chamings, Freelance Singer

Lexi was a pleasure to work with from start to finish, and we are all delighted with the result. The new website is beautiful, fast and easy to update. In combination with an SEO campaign of our own, we are now ranking very high for our target keywords. I would not hesitate in recommending Akros Design to any small to medium size business looking to develop their presence online.

Marketing Manager, LDL Leadership Development Ltd

Lexi was the absolute dream to work with. She always replied instantly to my messaged throughout the design process and even after the site went live which was beyond expected. It was great meeting one on one so we could be efficient throughout the entire process and she definitely helped created the perfect vision I had for a website. I couldn’t recommend her and Akros design enough.

Isa Robinson, Goodness Guru

Lexi at Akros helped me to develop our new website. She was a great inspiration in getting us to focus on our strengths, our goals and the look of what we were trying to achieve. It has been hard work, but implementing her ideas and suggestions I think have given the website the extra dynamic it needed. I am so happy with the end result, and the feedback has been exceptional. I cannot recommend Lexi more highly, she was and is a delight to work with, and I think of her as an integral part of the LLW team.

Emma, Little London Whispers

We are delighted with the website Lexi created for Reg&Bob. It looks great and feedback from users has been incredibly positive - particularly relating to the easy to use shop. Lexi was very professional to work with - easily getting to grips with the brief and making excellent suggestions for amendments. We received regular updates on progress and any additional charges were all discussed and agreed in advance. Would highly recommend to any organisation!

Sarah, Reg & Bob

It has been a pleasure working with Lexi, she has been of great help to ensure our website was both user-friendly and attractive. Undeterred by the flow of questions customers building a website for the first time may have, like us, she has been friendly and responsive in all circumstances. Highly recommend her and Akros Design!

Olivia, Walk The Talk London